Blog Integration Process

Integration of Blog

Three stages are required to integrate our Blog:

  1. Add a blog directory with a template directory inside. All blogs will be contained in the blog directory.
  2. Create the blog template(s) and place in the template directory.
  3. Add the authorization script to activate your account. An Authorization script and associated key code(s) will be provided after the completion of the product registration. This will need to be prevalent on every page.

Available Blog Tags

Sidebar List Tags

Download Blog Template     Sample Code

<title><!-- CMSBlogPost:Title --></title>
<div id="left">

<h1><!-- CMSBlog:Name --></h1>

<h2>Recent Articles</h2>
<!-- CMSBlog:Dynamic:PostLastX:10 -->

<!-- CMSBlog:Archives -->

<a href="<!-- CMSBlog:RSSFeedURL -->">RSS Feed</a>

<div id="right">
<!-- CMSBlogPost:Date:dddd, MMMM d, yyyy --><br />
<h2><!-- CMSBlogPost:Title --></h2>
<!-- CMSBlogPost:Article -->
<p><!-- CMSBlogPost:AuthorName --></p>
<!-- Add authorization script here. This script needs to be visible on every page -->